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The Holidays are Almost Here! Enjoy a Bright White Smile from Aurora City Dental!

Aurora City Dental

Welcome to Your Aurora City Dentist

Everyone wants a bright, white smile for the Holidays! And the Holidays are almost here!

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Get the Perfect Holiday Smile

The team at Aurora City Dental is committed to giving you a confident healthy smile this holiday season.

Teeth whitening remedies found at your local drugstore aren’t always safe or effective. For truly whiter teeth, all that’s necessary is a trip to Aurora City Dental. We offer two teeth whitening options that are tested, safe, and provide amazing results for our clients. In fact, you could have a brighter smile by the time you leave our office!

Aurora City Dental offers both take-home and in-office whitening options to better suit your busy schedule. Those looking for fast results should opt for the single visit, in-office treatment. If you’d prefer to whiten at your own pace, you can do so with your very own custom take-home whitening trays from our office.




Committed to giving you a Confident Smile.

Our team of dentists will make sure your smile is brighter than when you came in. We strive to be the best dentist office in Aurora, complete with dental specialists. We have the latest dental technologies to better serve our patients. To ensure customer satisfaction, we survey our patients, regularly review feedback.

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We have exciting news for the patients of Aurora City Dental.  Dr. Khan is moving to a larger practice to help accommodate all of his patients. The new practice is called Cody Dental Group and is conveniently located at  4301 E Amherst Ave, Denver, CO 80222.  He will begin seeing patients at the new location starting on 07/24/2023 and looks forward to taking care of all your dental needs. For More information please click here.