Woman Holding Big Cupcake and ToothIf you drink a lot of alcohol, coffee, other acidic drinks, struggle to keep up with regular brushing and flossing or find yourself battling an incessant sweet tooth, you are likely at a higher risk for cavities. Follow these simple tips that allow you to indulge without doing more harm to your dental health.

1. Complete an honest inventory.

Are you a high-risk candidate for cavities? Take an inventory of your regular diet and be honest with yourself about your risk of tooth decay. The higher you rank on the risk scale, the closer attention you need to pay to your dental health.

2. Minimize meal frequency. 

Consuming small meals frequently throughout the day can help curb appetite and promote weight loss, but it can also be dangerous for your dental health. Each time you consume a sugary meal, acid levels in the mouth rise as bacteria processes the leftover sugar. Limit the number of sugary snacks you consume per day, replacing some of your typical snacks with sugar-free alternatives.

3. Snack and sip responsibly.

Choose snacks that will satisfy hunger without doing further sugar damage. Avoid chewy treats that stick to your teeth, hard candies, or deceptive “all-natural” fruit juices that are chock full of sugar. Dark chocolate will satisfy your craving for sweets without eating away at your teeth.

4. Rinse regularly.

While brushing after meals is ideal, you may have a daily schedule that makes doing so difficult. If this is the case, rinse your mouth out regularly with water between eating or drinking sugary beverages. This will help rinse the mouth of excess food and sugars while promoting a less acidic pH balance.

5. Give it up for gum.

In addition to brushing, flossing, and rinsing between meals, carry around a pack of xylitol-containing gum. Xylitol helps inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that causes cavity formation.

6. Chew on cheese.

Snacking on a piece of cheese after a sugar-heavy snack or dessert helps restore a balanced acidity level in the mouth.

7. Hang up your bad habits.

Commit to maintaining better oral health by giving up harmful habits. Stop falling asleep on the couch without brushing your teeth. Consider giving up caramel chews at the movies. Get serious about oral healthcare because your dental health plays a huge role in your overall health.

8. Dial the dentist.

Visit your dentist for regular cleanings, x-rays and to answer any questions you may encounter about your oral health.

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